Laroussi launches her new song “CINNAMON’’ in Dubai



Moroccan- Dutch Laroussi releases her smash hit “CINNAMON’’.  The release of which follows the unstoppable success of the clip of her latest song which received 8,027 views per hour, becoming a hit with the fans and music lovers. The regular cinnamon spice was the muse to Laroussi, as it represents her Arabic and Moroccan roots. CINNAMON reflects the vigorous nature of Moroccans fondly dancing to the beat of the darbuka. Though cinnamon is the spice that sweetens the food, the brownish-orange color of cinnamon beautifully resembles her warm tone skin color, making the eyes feast on the charm of her complexion. 

Produced by Davy Nathan, with additional production from the Lebanese Director Adel Serhan, the music video was shot in Beirut and it’s about the Moroccan city Tangier, where people beautifully sing to the sound of music and joyously dance to the beat of drums in celebration of life.

CINNAMON holds a very special place in Laroussi’s heart, as it is deeply linked to her Arabic roots. She co-wrote lyrics alongside Philip Lawrence and Davy Nathan when she first moved to Los Angeles, and then went on to add some Arabic words to the song with the help of the infamous Fadi Asaad, who brilliantly gave the song an oriental touch. 

CINNAMON is a sensational hit- music that draws in the artist’s Arabic heritage and that was evident in the use of darbuka and flute, leader of percussion instruments in the Middle East and in Tangier in particular. 

Not only did Laroussi collaborated with the best people in the music industry, she actively took part in every step of the process from detailed writing, perfecting of the song, creating dramatic screenplay, performance, directing to filming the video clip in a Lebanese small village known as Saoufor. What can we say? She is an all-rounder who managed to produce, along with director Adel Serhan, a masterpiece that was hugely acclaimed by audience. 


تتطلب عرض الشرائح هذه للجافا سكريبت.



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