Conclusion of the World Conference on Automation and Robotics

Sarah Al Amiri: UAE’s outstanding role in the construction technology industry

Sarah Al Amiri, Minister of State for Advanced Technology, confirmed the UAE’s outstanding contribution and role in the advanced technology industry in the construction sector, and its support for scientific research in a dynamic ecosystem and its readiness to welcome investors and innovators.

Al-amiri affirmed how the 2021 World Conference on Automation and Robotics in Construction would greatly assist in that task.

Yesterday, al-Amiri participated in the closing day session of the 38th session of the conference hosted by the UAE, for the first time in the region, this year over a period of three days, with the participation of 420 researchers from 22 countries, in addition to 85 research centers and international universities, and the participation of high-ranking people, experts and specialists.

Al Amiri said the UAE understands that these technologies are necessary to develop a sustainable global competitive economy, and at the end of her speech she validated her points by giving the example of the Museum of the Future, which is an excellent exhibition for visitors of Dubai and the UAE in general.

On its last day, the conference discussed more than 60 papers on many topics and witnessed several events, including a session in which Al-Amiri and Dr. Firas Habbal, editor-in-chief of the Emirates Scholar Gate participated in. 

Topics discussed at the session included human factors and cooperation between the human system, robotic machines, devices and end catalysts, construction management techniques, technology management and innovation, and various other topics related in these fields.

For his part, Dr. Firas Habbal explained the role of the Emirates Scholar Gate and its impact on the practical field, and that it serves as an integrated virtual world specialized and directed to scientific research services, adding that innovation and creativity are the foundations on which the UAE was built to establish its global position among developed countries.

At the end of his speech, he emphasized the UAE’s vision of 2021 and its prominent and clear goal in developing the country’s economic and global role.

The 2021 World Conference on Automation and Robotics in Construction reviewed the latest technologies and innovative global solutions in automation and robotics in construction over three days, reviewing more than 200 specialized scientific research papers covering 20 focuses in the scientific fields of the conference.

The conference also provided an opportunity to introduce the public to visions, strategies and initiatives aimed at enhancing the contribution of technology and artificial intelligence to infrastructure development, and its contribution to promoting the UAE’s leadership as a leading model in the construction sector based on the latest innovations, inventions, and AI technologies.

The conference also provided institutions and companies operating in the region with access to the latest trends and best practices in this area and to employ them in providing more innovative solutions that serve the communities of the region and the world, promoting this vital sector, which is a major pillar of the global economy and the desired sustainable development, which should be the future objective of all governments.

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