Children at SCRF 2021: We are making new friends at workshops; discovering common interests with peers

Sharjah, May 25, 2021

Not only is the 12th Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival (SCRF) offering curious young minds diverse forms and sources of knowledge, but a unique opportunity to mingle, be social and form new friendships.

Hisham Al Zoghbi and Rashid Al Sabbagh, two 10-year-old boys from Syria, are exploring the festival’s array of workshops and activities. Rashid seems to be like a guide to Hisham who has never been to SCRF before. Both are ecstatic to find themselves swimming in a world of opportunity to learn and discover new things and say that this festival has offered them a welcome break from the monotony of daily life. 

Rashid is offering Hisham a guided tour of SCRF 2021, at the end of which they are no longer strangers. They are friends who are now deciding which workshops to attend together! 

Queued up to enter a Robotics workshop, 10-year-old Shakir Ziad is an extrovert and is thinking of leveraging the waiting period to befriend Yousef Abdullah, also aged 10, and standing right in front of him. The boys share an interest, so it’s not difficult for Shakir to strike conversation. 

“I’ve made a friend today!” exclaims Yousef unable to contain his excitement as he found out that his new buddy is equally passionate about video games too, not only robots. He is grateful to SCRF 2021 for making them cross paths and says he is ready to return to Expo Centre Sharjah for more fun and activities.

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