A golden opportunity from “W Capital” Real Estate Brokerage Company:

Own a property and enter the draw on a “Nissan Patrol 2020” car

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Wednesday, July 22nd 2020: W Capital Real Estate; one of the leading real estate brokerage companies in the United Arab Emirates, has revealed its promotional campaign for 2020 by providing a golden opportunity for its clients to win a “Nissan Patrol 2020”.

The new promotional campaign requires the client to buy a property through “W Capital” and that the initial and final purchase contract be signed at the real estate developer, which qualifies him to enter the draw, knowing that the start date of the campaign is Saturday, July 25th 2020 through Friday, September 25th 2020.

The campaign obtained all needed approvals from the regulatory authorities headed by Dubai Land and Economic Departments.

Walid Al Zarouni, Chairman of W Capital Real Estate Brokerage, said: “This innovative promotional campaign confirms that providing an added value is a primary goal for our clients and comes within the strategic vision of the company based on caring for its clients who represent its most important assets and maintaining their confidence.”

He added that the policy of “W Capital” is based on a firm and strong approach that has taken clients as its center since the first day it was launched inside the country.

Al-Zarouni explained that this campaign is exclusive to “W Capital” clients, and it requires that the purchase of the property be through the company and that the initial and final purchase contract be signed at the real estate developer, also every purchase of a property gets a coupon for the draw, while the client’s opportunity to obtain an additional coupon with more than one purchase.

Walid Al-Zarouni indicated that the campaign is a right of the company to exercise within the framework of the applicable regulations and laws in the country, explaining that the winner of the car will be chosen in a random drawing that will take place at the end of the period specified for the drawing by a representative of the Department of Economic Development in Dubai who will withdraw the winning coupon.

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