DR ASHRAF GAD that a smile is half of beauty

It was said before that a smile is half of beauty, but sometimes it monopolizes your whole beauty! and that’s a reason to make us feel attracted and friendly to a person after smiling to us.

And that’s why we rarely feel comfortable and attracted to a person who doesn’t smile or frown and we didn’t see them before at their fully bright smile.

There are too many modern techniques that are used to beautify teeth, and lumineers are one of those modern techniques.

Lumineers look like a thin semi-transparent porcelain shell and are approximately 0.5mm thick and despite their delicacy they are anti-scratch and anti-crack.

Before installing lumineers, the patient must treat any tooth that has any health issue,as we cannot affix the Lumineers without a tooth because it is very thin as we mentioned, so there must be a tooth to install the lumineer, so lumineers will not do tooth job without a tooth.

The process of installing lumineers is very simple and will not take more than two sessions for the dentist to install the whole set, after that you are enjoying many years with your bright smile and white teeth.

Also one of the many advantages of the lumineers is that they align the teeth, as the spaces between the teeth are closed to be equal in a row .

One of the most important advantages of lumineer compared to the rest of veneers is that whenever you want to remove it, you can go back to your doctor again so he removes it and the secret is that the doctor didn’t  make any edits to the original teeth so it remains the same .

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