Everyone believes that the profession of modeling is limited to Western peoples only and this is not true today. We will introduce you to the Iranian man who broke into the fashion world and his name is found everywhere
in the world

Rayan Baghdadi is a very famous model, as he moves from one place to another around the world, and he is present in all international fashion shows. In five years, he became his first name at international fashion
houses Arab Fashion Week.

Dubai Fashion Forward New York Fashion Week
Paris Fashion Week
And his pictures in all international magazines became GQ. VOGUE. BAZAR
Within five years, no model around the world could do what RAYAN BAGHDADI did
It is now the official face campaign of a large number of brands GUCCI. D&G. Armani exchange .tommy.
He never missed the big fashion shows in Asia, Europe, and America, but he was always the first there
In addition to adopting large brands DEBENHAMS. BLOOMINGDALES
On his pictures in all-new from different groups, the most recent of which was D&G

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