Within the activities of (Ya Baghi Al Khair Aqbal) Rashed Al-Junaibi: Three are the title of happiness for a Muslim if he suffers from patience, and if he is blessed with thanks, and if he is guilty, ask forgiveness.

The program, “Ya Baghi Al Khair Aqbal”, organized by MBF Group, was held in the presence of HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Faisal Al Qasimi, the owner of MBF and her highness  Sheikha Rouwda Bint Maktoum Bint Rashid Al Maktoum.
Presented by the lecturer Sheikh Rashid Al-Junaibi, preacher and preacher in the Department of Islamic Affairs and Charitable Action in Dubai
The lecturer said, at the beginning that the turn to God Bata and always close to Him Almighty Almighty Nafal, and the assignment to the Almighty will lead you to the sweetness of faith and paradise of the world

Al-Junaibi said: The month of Ramadan, including the prayers, brings the Muslim servant closer to his Lord, where the good deeds are doubled and the bad deeds are removed and the degrees rise.
He pointed out that there are people who have believed with their Lord and accept him repentant, regretful, confessing, and these have a share of happiness as much as their sincerity
He added that the remaining happiness that man aspires to achieve in the Hereafter necessitates adopting a program different from the one we are preparing to achieve earthly happiness, and begins with the pursuit of spiritual happiness as well as the fulfillment of the desires of the body. Whoever thinks of his happiness really should care about the requirements of his soul as he cares about the requirements
He stressed that if one looks at those who have preferred him in this world, he has less than the grace of God, and he was a reason to follow him, and if he looked at Don, he thanked grace, humility, praise and lived happily. The more you look at who is less than you, the more satisfied, satisfied, and happy; if you are poor, then in the people who is poorer than you! If you are ill, in the people who is more severe than you are sick; if you are weak, then in the people who is more vulnerable than you. Why do you lift your head to look at who is above you, and do not lower it to see who is under you? Allah.

تتطلب عرض الشرائح هذه للجافا سكريبت.


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