Lectures about easiness, tolerance, mercy in Islam on DIHQA 4th night Dubai Chamber, Women’s Association thronged with audience

Dubai – UAE, Saturday 21, 2018: Crowds of people flocked to the Dubai Chamber and Dubai Women’s Association to listen to two valuable lectures on the easiness, tolerance and mercy of Islam.

The lectures delivered by eminent Egyptian scholars Dr. Omar Abdelkafy and Dr. Mohammed Imam Dawood, were part of a rich cultural programme of the 22nd edition of the Dubai International Holy Quran Award (DIHQA), Ramadan 1-20.

The global competition, themed this year ‘Edition of Zayed’, is annually held under the sponsorship of by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai.

Crowds of people were so passion to attend the Dubai Chamber lecture that saw the presence of H.E. Ibrahim Mohamed Bu Melha, Adviser to the Ruler of Dubai for Cultural and Humanitarian Affairs and Head of DIHQA Organising Committee, members of the organising committee, senior officials, and dignitaries

Also present were the sponsors of the fourth night of the competition – the Dubai Tourism and Commercial Marketing Department and Al Serkal Group, leave alone a large audience from all nationalities.

Fahd Al Serkal, Head of Legal Affairs with the Serkal Group, said they have been so keen to sponsor the activities if the Award for years.

“It is also an honour to co-sponsor this special Edition of Zayed whose white hands and Quran memorisation projects speak volume.”

Al Serkal paid tributes to the organising committee for making a great success of the award. “It is a great honour for full Quran memorisers from around the world to compete in this best and biggest Quran competition in the world.”

In his lecture, Dr. Abdelkafy said Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) was a model of mercy and tolerance. “One should be easy with people, show them respect, and have mercy on them.”

Even when advising people, one should be very tolerant, he added. “A true Muslim should be merciful with all creatures and avoid argument.”

Praying and supplicating Almighty Allah is a key road to survival, he underlined. “This was the case of three people who got locked in a cave, and only managed to escape death by supplicating to Allah with their sincerest deeds.”

H.E. Ibrahim Mohamed Bu Melha, Adviser to the Ruler of Dubai for Cultural and Humanitarian Affairs and Head of DIHQA Organising Committee, later honoured Dr. Mohammed Imam, and the sponsors of the event.

Addressing the female audience at the Dubai Women’s Association, Dr. Mohammed Imam Dawood, said that being kind, easy and tolerant with people has been urged by Islam.

“Almighty Allah intends for us ease and does not intend for us hardship, and this has been the repetitive advice of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) to all Muslims to be easy and never tough with people.”

Dr. Dawood then gave several examples that show how tolerant the Prophet (PBUH) was, and how things are mostly permitted unless there is a clear prohibition. “Even if one is forced to do something wrong, they shall be forgiven.”

Never go to the extreme is highly advisable in everything including worship, he underlined. “It is fine for anyone to break their fasting if there is an acceptable reason, like travelling or being sick. One may also pray while sitting if they cannot do the same standing.”

Even alcohol was not banned at one time, he pointed out. “This prohibition was done in stages to be easily observed by people.”

تتطلب عرض الشرائح هذه للجافا سكريبت.

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