Dubai Quran Award all set for 22nd edition

Bu Melha:

Dihqa tops international Quran awards due to Mohammed bin Rashid’s support

Zayed edition to see unprecedented 104 contestants, 15 lecturers, competent arbitrators 

Dr. Saeed bin Hareb:

New challenge to sustain Award exceptional level, position regionally & internationally    

Dubai – UAE, Saturday 12, 2018 by Sallam Mohamed : The organising committee of the Dubai International Holy Quran Award (Dihqa) has finished its preparations for the 22nd edition of the international holy Quran award themed “Edition of Zayed” to run on Ramadan 1-20.

H.E. Ibrahim Mohamed Bu Melha, Adviser to the Ruler of Dubai for Cultural and Humanitarian Affairs and Head of DIHQA Organising Committee, said the President, His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan has timely and perfectly announced 2018 as the “Year of Zayed”.

“This national occasion is meant to mark the 100th birthday anniversary of the founding leader the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, his tireless effort to found and build up the UAE, and his achievements locally and globally.”

The Dubai International Holy Quran Award has, therefore, named the 22nd edition of the international holy Quran award, to run on Ramadan 1-20, 1439H -2018, the (Edition of Zayed), he added.

“The organising committee has also decided to place the logo of the ‘Year of Zayed’ on all its correspondence, publications and advertisements.”

Naming 2018 the (Year of Zayed) reflects the distinguished position of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan in the hearts and souls of his people, he pointed out.

“He is the founding leader of the state of the union, the engineer of the UAE development and progress in all walks of life, the symbol of patriotism, wisdom, giving and goodness, and the great man whose white hands, initiatives, decisive stances speak volume in every nook and corner.”

Bu Melha said the Dubai International Holy Quran Award had the honour to name him the ‘Islamic Personality of the Year’ in its third edition in 1999 in recognition of his relentless efforts and pioneering services for Islam and Muslims, his noble principles, kind gestures, loyalty, giving, and passion to unit all Muslim countries.

“Zayed has managed, with his farsighted vision and leadership, to build a modern country is now a role model in all fields,” he underlined. “His white hands have reached the entire world, and his massive humanitarian and charitable projects, spanning Islamic centres, mosques, Quran study centres, and orphanages, are everywhere.”

Bu Melha indicated that all units of the Award are all set for the much-awaited kick off of the 22nd edition on Ramadan 01.

“All members of the organising committee, employees and volunteers are ready to professionally and perfectly accomplish their missions based on their accumulative experience in running events in general and Quran competitions in particular.”

The Dubai International Holy Quran Award organises so many competitions every day, and these need big effort and coordination among all the units and entities concerned, he noted.

“This is one of the reasons behind the Award high rank worldwide in organising Quran competitions despite its inception few years back, apart from its refined position and reputation among Muslim countries and foreign communities who always show their interest to participate in its activities every year.”

Bu Melha paid tributes to the unlimited and generous support of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, to the Award.

“He has been closely following its activities and events and instructing its development all the time.”

Bu Melha also extended his appreciation to all mass media and their exceptional coverage of the Award activities, mainly the international Quran competition. He also thanked the sponsors of the award, hailing the government departments for their support.

The 22nd edition is to start with an interesting programme of valuable lectures at the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, while the women-only lectures will be held at the Dubai Women’s Association, and foreign communities can enjoy several lectures in their languages at the Sheikh Rashid bin Maktoum Al Maktoum Indoor Sports Hall of the Al Wasl Sports Club.

The lecture programme, open for public at the Dubai Chamber, will last for six days during which competent and popular lecturers from different countries will be inspiring the audience with valuable speeches.

These include Sheikh Aziz bin Farhan bin Mohammed Al Anzi, Sheikh Saleh Awad Saleh Al Maghamsi, Sheikh Saad bin Ateeq bin Misfer Al Dosari, Sheikh Saeed bin Misfer bin Mefreh Al Qahtani – all from Saudi Arabia, Dr. Omar Abdelkafy, Egypt, and Dr. Mohammed Mohammed Imam Dawood.

The women-only programme, to continue for seven days, is to see all the eminent lecturers of the public programme, in addition to Eng. Abdeldayem Saleh El Kahil, Syria.

The eight-day foreign community programme is to see lectures by Sheikh Mohammed Akbar Mele Veetil, Dr Bahauddeen Muhammad Jamaludden, Sheikh Hussain Chullikkodan, Sheikh Ibrahim Khalil Hudawi, Sheikh Naufal Kalasa Samse, Sheikh Ussan Kolamannil Pokker, all from India, Sheikh Sahul Hameed Mohamed Ismail, Sri Lanka, and Sheikh B.M. Mofizur Ramhan, Bangladesh.

All the lectures will be covered by media, while the sessions of the international holy Quran competition are to start at the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry after the end of the six-day open lecture programme.

Bu Melha said the competitions unit has prepared over 500 questions for the competition long ago. “This edition will see the biggest number ever of Quran memorisers from around the globe.”

So far up to 104 countries and foreign communities worldwide have affirmed participation in this year’s edition, and that reflects the exceptional reputation and refined position of the award globally.

The organising committee has also picked up a list of competent and long experienced international arbitrators to judge the performance of the competitors as per strict standards, he stated.

“These include Sheikh Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Sulaiman Bin Qamish Al Huwaimal, Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Ahmed Khalid Youssef Shukri, Jordan, Shaikh Ali Hassan Abdullah Al Ali, UAE, Sheikh Mohamed Fouad Abdo Abdul Majeed, Egypt, Sheikh Hassan Al Hassan Al Rihani, Morocco, and Sheikh Dr. Abdullah bin Salim bin Hamad Al Hinai, Oman.”

These are added to three arbitrators from the UAE and these are assigned for initial examinations. These include Sheikh Dr. Salem Mohammed Al Duabi, Sheikh Abdullah Mohammed Al Ansari and Sheikh Manea Abdullah Ibrahim Salmin Al Nahdi.

Dr. Saeed Hareb, Deputy Chairman of the Organising Committee, said the international competition has seen a quantum leap over 22 years that it is highly appreciated, admired and respected by so many scholars and leaders worldwide.

“This means a big responsibility and challenge to keep it up and do our best every year in terms of organisation and perfect coordination by all concerned, be they government or private entities.”

The Award started with only two branches; the International Competition and the Islamic Personality, he added. “It has branched out now to 14 branches which keep all members busy all the year round.”

The Award spares no effort to serve the holy Quran and encourage its tight memorisation and perfect recitation, he pointed out. “These are apart from valuable books on an array of scientific, Sharia, Jurisprudence, and Sunnah subjects issued every year.”

The international competition has attracted so many full Quran memorisers from around the globe, Dr. Hareb said. “The award is to see 104 participants this year,” he said. “Up to 1,770 contestants have participated in the competition over the last 21 years.”

The PR unit is all set as well with perfect coordination locally and abroad. All hotels reservations have been made for the competitors and their assistants, the arbitrators and scholars.

PR teams have been formed and all members have been assigned to shoulder certain tasks at different sites, including the hotel, airport, and competition hall. Transport to and from the competition hall has also been taken care of.

The PR unit has prepared all the trophies to be presented to the winners and Islamic personality of the year, while the final touches of the concluding ceremony have been prepared.

The Media unit has finished its preparations for the competition by contacting all mass media people and enlightening them about the sideline activities of the competition to ensure its perfect coverage.

The media unit has also issued the brochures, as well as the printed, audiovisual and electronic advertisements of the competition, and the annual book of the 21st edition.

The satellite transmission company has also been contracted to telecast the activities of the award in collaboration with the Dubai Media Inc. which secures all the human and technical requirements to ensure the success of the award.

A media centre has been prepared and equipped with the laptops, printers, and devices needs, while the Award website has been updated to ensure due coverage of all the award daily activities.

The administrative and financial unit had earlier invited 145 countries and communities worldwide to participate in the competition this year. So far 104 contestants have confirmed participation this year.

The unit has also coordinated with the government and private partners to co-sponsor the activities of the 22nd edition. These include Emirates, Emirates Islamic Bank, Dubai Islamic Bank, Dubai Media Inc., Flora Group, Dubai Chamber, Union Coop, Dubai Electricity and Water Authority, Al Rostamani Group, Dar Al Ber, Aman, Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Humanitarian and Charity Establishment, Du, Al Serkal, Hanbal Al Shafi Al Madani Group, Al Futtaim, Dubai Municipality, Dubai Police, Barjeel Hospital, Dubai Health Authority, Directorate General of Residency and Foreigners Affairs Dubai, Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services, Department of Economic Development Dubai, National Bonds, Gazebo Restaurants, Gargash Enterprises, Prime Hospital, and Auto Mechanic Center.

The unit has issued all the visas and tickets needed for all the lecturers, arbitrators, contestants and their assistants.

All the software programmes of the competition have been upgraded to easily and perfectly record the results of the contestants. The list of winners, lecturers, arbitrators, and volunteers’ cash gifts have been prepared as well. The administrative transactions of the volunteers have also been processed in thankful coordination with their departments.

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