HH. Sheikh Mohammed bin Faisal Al Qassimi, announced the Group’s healthcare projects in the UAE

 by Sallam Mohamed
HH. Sheikh Mohammed bin Faisal Al Qassimi, Chairman and CEO of MBF Group, announced the Group’s healthcare  اprojects and real estate projects in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Republic of Egypt. And 12 primary or specialist health care centers in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, at a cost of 2.5 billion dirhams, the largest private hospital in Dubai, with a capacity of 450 beds.

added: “We have started the necessary steps to establish a residential and commercial tower in Sharjah, at a cost of more than 330 million dirhams and a commercial mall on the Al Khan Lake in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi at a cost of AED 1.4 billion dirhams. , Most notably the final designs of the two projects. “

Al Qassimi pointed out that one of the most important projects that the group started to implement in Saudi Arabia is the medical city in Madinah at a cost of about 3 billion dirhams in cooperation with the concerned authorities in Madinah, including the headquarters company, stressing that this project will have an influential role In providing high quality health services to those interested.

The medical city planned by the group in Egypt will be in “Madinaty”, New Cairo, at a cost of more than 650 million dirhams. It will take 3 years to complete and operate from now. In the final design phase. Construction will commence in September, an integrated medical city with seven main components, notably a public hospital, a recreation park, a nursing academy and a medical center.
“The group aims to add between 1800 and 2,000 medical beds within the UAE within the next four to five years due to the high demand in the UAE for health care services,” Especially the specialized services, in line with the vision of the UAE to become the UAE among the top 10 countries in the field of health care globally and promote the participation of the private health sector in providing services in line with international standards.

Al Qasimi said that the group plans to set up the largest private hospital in Dubai, specifically in Al Mankhool with a capacity of 450 beds at an estimated cost of AED 250 million dirhams.
He pointed out that the second important project, the hospital of the region “JBR” in Dubai, which comes into service in September, to be a group of medical facilities for the group, and the cost of about 180 million dirhams, and includes 100 beds, a public hospital, women and childbirth.

The owner and chairman of MBF said, “The group will open its second medical facility in the UAE in January next year, the AED 190 million dirham, Jumeirah Medical Center, with 60 medical beds. Will be the first state-owned hospital specializing in cancer treatment.
Al Qasimi pointed to the establishment of a hospital on Al Reem Island in Abu Dhabi City at a cost of AED 320 million dirhams, a public hospital, and a focus on three medical specialties: women, obstetrics, rehabilitation and cardiology. On 51% of this project, and the rest is distributed to a group of companies and entities.

Al Qassimi said that the tower will be residential and commercial, adding that it will be an architectural icon that will cater to the needs of the population and shoppers. It will include restaurants, shops and markets, The second real estate project in Sharjah is Sharjah Mall at Al Khan area, and the most prominent characteristic of it is that the shopper enters a journey through time and combines entertainment, education, shopping and knowledge of Arab and Islamic civilization.

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