MicroSafe Dermacyn: Revolutionary Wound Care: Safe as Water

MicroSafe Dermacyn Wound Care is a super-oxidized wound care solution that has treated over 8 Million People worldwide, without a single side effect! Dermacyn has saved over 5 million amputations worldwide! Dermacyn Wound Care is a product from the family of the MicroSafe Group of Products stemming from the US FDA approved Microcyn Techonology. Dermacyn has earned several FDA, CE, and numerous worldwide governmental approvals, including the Ministry of Health in the United Arab Emirates. It is indicated for use in the debridement, irrigation and moistening of acute and chronic wounds, ulcers, diabetic ulcers, burns, cuts, bedsores and abrasions. Through reducing the microbial load and assisting in creating a moist and sterile environment, Dermacyn enables the body to perform its own healing as it mimics our own human immune system.

Dermacyn Wound Care Solution has demonstrated in a wide variety of research and clinical studies the ability to kill a wide range of pathogens, including antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria (MRSA & VRE), viruses, fungi, and spores while reducing inflammation and increasing oxygenation to treated tissue and being completely non-toxic to human tissues and cells. Dermacyn is safe for intra-abdominal irrigation for the treatment and prevention of perionitis.

Why Dermacyn?

Safe as Water

FDA, CE Approved & Approved by Numerous Health Ministries across the Globe!

Alcohol Free / Chemical Free / Zero Side Effects

Safe and Easy to Use! All Natural!

Clinically Proven to be Effective on ALL germs, bacteria, fungi and spores within seconds of contact!

To learn more about Dermacyn, please visit www.microsafegroup.com

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