New Novomed Medical Centers Promise to Revolutionize the UAE’s Approach to Health Care

Last night saw the official launch of a new group of medical centers at a ceremony held at Armani Dubai, Burj Khalifa, with attendees including the Director-General of Dubai Health Authority, Humaid Al Qatami.

Novomed Group founder, Dr Mazen Sawaf, better known as Dr Max, says the Group’s clinics and hospitals will revolutionize the future of health care in the UAE. “Too often, doctors are focused on processing patients quickly and to prescribe a pill forevery ill. I wanted to start a group of medical centers that detect and treat the root cause of patients’ symptoms, helping them reach their optimal level of health on a long-term basis. I am backing these centers up with cleaner, safer hospitals, and a Stem Cell Center offering cutting-edge treatments,” explains Dr Max.

“In addition to our more modern approach to healthcare, Novomed will differentiate itself through its multidisciplinary, focused centers,” adds Dr Max. The allergists at the Allergy & Asthma Centers, for example, are supported by a multidisciplinary team of dermatologists, dietitians, gastroenterologists, pulmonologists, ENTs and other allied professionals to create a single center to treat any allergy- or asthma-related issue.

Other centers include Aesthetica for everything from vein removal and dermatology to plastic surgery; Novomed Integrative Medicine combining conventional and complementary medicine; Novomed Home Care with mobile staff and facilities; and Novomed Stem Cell in Health Care City offering advanced treatments for orthopedic, aesthetic and other conditions. Soon to follow will be a pain-management clinic, community-based psychiatry centres and a wellness boot camp, and a child-development centre.

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Novomed was founded by Dr Mazen (Max) Sawaf, the original founder of Emirates Hospital and Cosmesurge, which he sold four years ago. He moved to the US in 2014 to open Novomed and Reverse Aging Clinics, before returning to the UAE to introduce Novomed Centers here.Novomed has medical facilities in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, with plans to expand to other areas soon.

Novomed’s preventative care facilities include an integrative medicine clinic, specialists, surgeons, physiotherapists and dietitians, a one-of-kind allergy and asthma center, an aesthetic group and even a specialized surgical hospital where it does only selective surgeries, thus cutting down on infection risks.  

Novomed Stem Cell in Healthcare City offers exciting innovations with lower-risk procedures, while Novomed Home Care offers mobile medical staff and facilities to patients.

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