Child prodigy Shaun Agostine impressesto play for Dubai audiences

The 15-year-old pianist and composer has been described as ‘the next Chopin’

Dubai, United Arab Emirates,  Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 8 March 2018: Child prodigy Shaun Agostine, a gifted 15-year-old pianist and composer, has will return to Dubai toperformed play a fabulous show for Dubai audiences at  Jumeirah Beach Hotel on Friday 9th March. Shaun’s passion for piano started at the age of three and he composed his first piece of music at the tender age of eight. “Almaty Symphony Orchestra,” and the violin composer “Marat Bisengaliev” had played Shaun’s best compositions on stage and then Shaun continued playing throughout the event his own compositions which he surprised and received the ovation from the presence. .

From that young age, his mother Paola was his first fan; she recognised that he had a special talent early on and has since never stopped encouraging, motivating and supporting him.

Shaun has been described as ‘the next Chopin’ and is fast becoming a Lebanese national and international treasure. He is a small kid with an extraordinary enormous skill, and a rare case of not only a piano composer, but a real imaginary talent that has influenced the hearts of the most famous and important musicians worldwide.

Shaun commented: “When I play the piano it is a dream come true and I feel like I am in my own world. I am excited to have playedbe returning into Dubai and I hope to invite people were engaged into my world whenby listening toplaying my latest compositions for them. I am grateful for this opportunity to have shared my music and my passion for the piano with everyone.”

Shaun has played at prestigious venues and events across the world, including the TEDX LAU Conference in Beirut, the Natural History Museum in London , the official re-opening of the Lebanese National Museum after a 40 year period of closure, the Presidential Palace in Baabda, the Governor’s Palace and Monte Libano Club in Sao Paolo, the Pheonicia Beirut for charity cause, and the famous Las Vegas Bellagio hotel, where he received a standing ovation and an award. Shaun has also performed in Rome, Italy where he received an award from the highest patriarch of the church.

Shaun has played for composers from the Julliard School of Music in New York, which is consideredconsidered to the best academic music school in the world, and by other international conductors who hold him in very high esteem and are amazed by his great talent. They all have high aspirations for Shaun, the gifted young piano composer with ‘golden hands’.

When he was only 10, Shaun played at the Edward Kunz concert and World Classical Music Series in Dubai, and at the age of 14 he released his first album — ‘Letters to my Mom’. From that young age, his mother Paola was his first fan; she recognized that he had a special talent early on and has since never stopped encouraging, motivating and supporting him.  He has then since released five original albums, three of which were recorded at the iconic Abbey Road studio in London where famous musicians like The Beatles also recorded their work.  

Shaun has received many international awards and has been described by the international media as a ‘stunning revelation’. After a stunning performance in Dubai, hHe is currently preparing for concerts in Dubai, Paris, Portugal, Washington and Asia.. Shaun astonishes and entrances audiences wherever he goes and is an inspiration to budding musicians the world over.

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