At VICENZAORO January, THE DESIGN ROOM with 12 top independent international brands

Creativity and experimentation are the key words

Vicenza, Thursday 11st January. VICENZAORO January 2018, the largest international Gold and
Jewellery Show in Europe, scheduled to run from 19th to 24th January, confirms its highly
successful exhibition format – “VICENZAORO The Boutique ShowTM – which subdivides the offer
into 6 districts of homogeneous companies, recognizable by their market positioning and
meetings between companies and international buyers easier.
THE DESIGN ROOM section inside VICENZAORO January’s ICON community hall, is a unique
and exclusive experimentation and creativity area in which to discover new international
market trends and find exclusive ad original pieces.
‘The Design Room’ exhibitors translate their own vision of reality into substance through
personal aesthetics that experiment and pursue gem combinations, curious minimal
geometries and expressions of strength and elegance.
“The Design Room” groups together 12 top independent brands providing an exceptional
selection of Design in the jewellery world.
The 12 Designers are a balanced blend of products and geographical origin:
1. Fernando Jorge – Brazil
2. Noor Fares – France
3. Netali Nissim – Italy based in NY
4. Federica Rettore – Italy
5. Bia Tambelli – Brazil
6. Bea Bongiasca – Italy
8. Aida Bergsen – Turkey
9. Akillis – France
10. Qayten – Singapore
11. Magerit – Spain
12. Kelly Xie – China
Bea fuses together visual languages and the knowledge acquired during her travels, especially
in Asia, with her deep passion for pop culture and her western style. The collections, entirely
hand-made in Italy, are conceived as a form of art and this vision is fundamental in the design
Born in the city of fashion, the Milanese designer developed and perfected her personal
knowledge in her father’s gemmological studio. A lover of visual arts, her minimalist pieces can
be worn alone or in combination and are dedicated to themes she holds most dear: love,
nature and spirituality.
VICENZAORO – THE JEWELLERY BOUTIQUE SHOW is the largest European Show dedicated to the gold
and jewellery sectors, a true Business Hub able to foster the meeting among the most authoritative
personalities of the gold and jewellery world.
It is an international platform representing the main access to European, Russian and Middle Eastern
markets. The ideal Show to promote business transactions and relations.
With various events throughout the year, VICENZAORO is the reference point for the sector and is the
place where new trends, styles and designs come to life.
Over 4,500 companies work with the VICENZAORO System, 35% of which is foreign. Over 96,000 visitors
come from over 130 countries along with the key presence of the 3,800 top buyers, all hosted thanks to
the collaboration with the Ministry of Economic (MISE) and the Italian Trade Agency (ICE).
VICENZAORO – THE JEWELLERY BOUTIQUE SHOW hosts 5 Shows globally and participates to 10 among
the most prestigious events internationally. In 2018, key events will be in Vicenza, Hong Kong, Arezzo,
Las Vegas, Dubai, Mumbai.

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