Grand Opening Dahab Restaurant

Glamour, ambience, and everything exquisite was just the start of the Grand Opening of ‘Dahab’, a fancy gem located in the luxurious Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard. Upon arrival, you are

welcomed by a beautiful harp player leaving magical sounds to shape your imagination of what to expect as you enter. As you step inside you are instantly captivated by the luxurious interiors, it’s shimmering gold walls and their beautiful lighting really takes you to a place of pure bliss, the sounds of the saxophone player creates untold magic. Dahab meaning gold in Arabic is just what it is in every way. Serving an international cuisine, you have a  menu that delights the taste buds, with choices that will leave you wanting it all. Its endless selection of fresh juices, cocktails and world-class coffee will leave you in awe. The taste of the food is more than tantalising, it’s endless bursts of aromatic avours travels you around the world. The presentation is nothing less than pure art, the various ingredients creatively placed and served is exquisite, each dish is unique luring everyone’s eyes as its served to your table. You really need to come try their signature Mansef Dish, a traditional Palestinian and Jordanian cuisine, using authentic ingredients like jameed, organic beef with rice and a thin layer of bread you will crave this months to come. For those with a sweet tooth, their Konaafah is a must try desert, layers of string pastry baked with cheese and beautifully drenched in honey syrup, its taste is mesmerising. Fancy a shisha? They serve their signature shisha named ‘Dahab’ , avoured with Amber, Musk and Oud, only available in Dahab, it truly is unique in avour . The night was lled with classy entertainment, a band, harp player, and saxophone player, it really set the mood and made the night one to remember. Celebrities were all around enjoying the stunning canopies and entertainment, they deantly suited the glamorous atmosphere Dahab have artistically created. If classy, great entertainment, amazing service and dishes that melt in your mouth is what you are after, then head nowhere else but Dahab, pure gold.                                                       

About Dahab restaurant

Dahab is located in Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard. It’s classy and elegant, serving an international cuisine. They have a beautiful outdoor sitting area, and an indoor smoking and non smoking area that also serves shisha. Chef Ahmed Abu Hawa is the founder and CEO, he has over 12 years experience, which shows in the quality of the food and exceptional presentation. They are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Location: Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard, Loft Towers Phone: 056501 0053 Facebook:


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