Ingizly… at Your Service!



Facing Maintenance Problems? Need any Help in Your Household Chores… Planning To Throw the Best Wedding Ever?

Ingizly… at Your Service!

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – May 2017: Are you having any problems with water or electricity supply systems or air conditioning? Do you need any cleaning, housekeeping, or insect control services? Do you want to design or even maintain your swimming pool perfectly? Are you looking for a reliable babysitter so you can go out without undue worry? Are you too busy to take care of your plants or change the paint color of your room? Do you intend to move into a new house or to renovate your apartment? Are you, or any of your relatives or friends, planning to throw an amazing wedding party or any special event? Whatever are your daily needs, don’t worry and be at rest. From now on, you will never have to exhaust yourself looking for well-known service providers at an affordable price.

Ingizly has some good news for UAE residents and newcomers… Our professional service providers are here for you to facilitate your daily life, cater for your future needs, and plan all your special events.

Who are we?

Ingizly is an Arabic word for “get it done for me”. Ingizly professional approach truly reflects this idea through our unique marketplace that bridge the gap between your service needs and the service providers, providing comprehensive and innovative solutions to all the problems that you might face. We are also experts in offering the best services that meet various needs across the UAE, while making sure of accomplishing easily and quickly all kind of tasks that come to your mind. Our wide range of service providers enables you to benefit from the qualified skills of highly experienced engineers, specialists and workers. All these great services are available to you on one single website and at the best competitive prices. Can you imagine that? Just push the button or give us a call.

How to Use Ingizly marketplace?

Ingizly is a quick bridge that introduces you to the qualified specialists with whom we deal. They are all selected from prestigious companies having a great experience in their respective field of expertise while being committed to offer the best solutions for you… All you have to do is visit our website at and explore the all-inclusive range of services that we are offering. Then, check the box that specifies your problem or requested service. Provide us with the relevant details and set the appropriate deadline to get your job done. In a few minutes, you will be contacted with our experience customer service team who will ensure getting a full understanding of your exact needs and shortly after that, you will receive a package of offers from different service providers who put your comfort first.  Each offer includes the path that will be followed to solve your problem or meet your need, the time period set for completion, and the expected costs. So, it’s up to you to choose the offer that suits you best, just a tap away.

Ingizly… Take Care of Your Life; We Are Here to Take Care of Your Problems.

To check our wide range of comprehensive services and get any additional information, please visit our website at:


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