Bourn Hall Fertility Centre Raises Awareness and Support on Fertility Issues

Partners with UAE’s only IVF and Fertility Support Group to eliminate social stigma attached with infertility

27th April 2017, Dubai, UAE:  With the aim to provide education, raise awareness, support and encourage women and couples struggling with infertility, Bourn Hall Fertility Centre, Dubai,  collaborates with the ‘IVF & Fertility Support Group – UAE’, the country’s exclusive forum for voicing out all issues related to infertility. Bourn Hall Fertility Centre will support the group’s growing membership by offering expert advice, free consultations and fertility checks besides offering counseling and continuous education.

With the region having some of the highest levels of obesity and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) in the world – two key factors for infertility – it is easy to understand why one in six couples in the UAE is facing fertility issues. Bourn Hall Fertility Centre recognized the need for awareness and education therefore has been actively running fertility awareness campaigns on its own and also continues to conduct regular seminars, talks, workshops and counseling to impart knowledge within the medical fraternity as well as to educate community at large. As part of their commitment to offer continuing education in assisted reproduction techniques, Bourn Hall Fertility Centre is now partnering with UAE’s only ‘IVF and Fertility Support Group’ to join forces and together work on educational aspects of fertility issues so that any couple facing difficulties on their journey to parenthood can seek qualified information and support.

“Attitudes are slowly changing but there is a long way to go until couples can come out and talk about fertility issues with a greater acceptance and our alliance with the IVF and Fertility Support Group is a great step in this direction. We are happy to support their initiative and help impart the knowledge and guidance on various issues concerning fertility”, said Hoda Abou Jamra, Group CEO of Bourn Hall International, the holding company of Bourn Hall Fertility Centre, Dubai.

“We are so excited about the opportunity Bourn Hall Fertility Centre is offering the members of ‘IVF and Fertility Support – UAE’. Since so many of us are away from home and our support network of friends and family, it is so vital that we have each other and the people at Bourn Hall Fertility Centre to turn to for expert medical advice but also for comfort and encouragement. We are a diverse group of women with many different backgrounds trying to conceive and we are very grateful for the support being offered. A community of people with the same objective, facing the same difficulties, can prove to be very important. We feel privileged to have each other and lucky to have Bourn Hall Fertility Centre at our sides.”, said Cassie Destino, the founder of the ‘IVF and Fertility Support Group- UAE’.

Bourn Hall Fertility Centre conducts regular seminars with the vision to impart knowledge within the medical fraternity as well as to educate community at large. In a recently concluded workshop on the latest advances in ultrasound in fertility conducted for the obstetricians and gynaecologists, the Centre provided the knowledge, basic principles and hands-on experience to delegates on the tools and techniques. As part of their commitment to offer continuing education in assisted reproduction techniques, the Bourn Hall Fertility Centre aims to conduct further workshops on new advancements and various aspects of fertility.

“Education is key and crucial in this matter. There are many couples out there who have very little information regarding the causes of infertility, be it primary or secondary and its treatment. Often they also have no idea at what time treatment should be seeked. At times they approach us too early, while in other cases they inadvertently leave it for too late and this can create a number of complications. While there are several reasons why couples are unable to conceive, technically, a normal, healthy couple should start getting worried if they have been trying for more than a year without using contraceptives since this could potentially be a case of infertility,” said Dr David Robertson, Group Medical Director at Bourn Hall Fertility Centre, Dubai.

About Bourn Hall Fertility Centre, Duba

Bourn Hall Fertility Centre, Dubai, is part of Bourn Hall International (BHI). BHI is a chain of world-class branded in vitro fertilization (IVF) reference centers in Dubai and Delhi/Gurgaon. Bourn Hall founders invented IVF in 1978 with the first successful birth of a child, Louise Brown, conceived through an IVF procedure or “test tube baby”.  Since then, ‘Bourn Hall’ has become synonymous with IVF and most of what is today the standard treatment protocol for IVF procedures has been pioneered and established by Bourn Hall.  As the ultimate testament of Bourn Hall’s world-leading expertise, its founder, Professor Robert Edwards, was awarded the Nobel Prize in medicine in 2010 for the invention of IVF.

About ‘IVF and Fertility Support Group – UAE’

IVF and Fertility Support – UAE is the only such group in the UAE, comprising women living in the country who have undergone fertility treatment or are planning one. The group – which has over 200 members and growing – serves as a support network for its members and provides a platform for like-minded women to share experiences and resources. It also provides an interactive forum for discussions and offers opinions based on members’ experience of fertility treatment options, such as IUI and IVF, in the UAE.

The group was started in November 2016 by Cassie Destino, an American expat who underwent IVF and is now a happy mother of twins. She decided to create a safe and secure group where ladies experiencing infertility issues can not only find guidance on the various assistant reproductive techniques, but also give vent to their grief and frustration and find comfort.

Couples interested in joining the group, please visit


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