The First Edition of Interdisciplinary Urology Care Consortium Opens Today in Dubai

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 28th May 2021: The Interdisciplinary Urology Care Consortium (IUCC) a specialized event that aims to bring together multiple specialties under one roof to discuss interdisciplinary approach to urology and other specialities was officially inaugurated earlier today at the Raffles Hotel in Dubai, UAE, in the presence of the field’s most prominent names under the theme “Better Patient Care”.  

The inaugural IUCC event will introduce synergies of Urology with four different specialties which are Urology with Oncology, Gynecology, Emergency and Andrology. The two-day event features combined sessions where joint discussions aimed to showcase collaborative efforts, contribute new research, views and clinical experience to enhance patient’s journey will take place. 

The opening ceremony began with a speech by Dr. Abdulqadir Al-Zarooni, President of the Emirates Urological Society in the UAE, during which he said: “We are very happy with the number of delegates attending this event, whether physically or virtually. We would like to thank the Board of Emirates Urology Society for their support.”

He added: “Challenges make us stronger, more resilient and more creative, and despite the current situation, we are very happy to have a large number of renowned speakers joining us in this event, and regardless of any obstacles, we are always looking for ways to increase our knowledge and pursue continuous medical education.”

During his keynote speech, Dr. Yasser Farahat, Chairman of the Arab School of Urology in the UAE side: “As medical professionals, specialization is an essential way to excel, but as we dive deep into a certain specialization, we might lose touch and connection with our fellow colleagues from other specialties, and that is exactly where the importance of IUCC lies, as it brings together doctors from various specialties to share information, discuss common topics, and sharing visions in order to reach the best practices for our patients.”

He added: “we appreciate the support we received from local, regional and international societies, in addition to the continuous support we have received from our partners.”

Following the opening ceremony, doctors, surgeons, professors, and specialists toured the exhibition area, where they were introduced to the latest technologies and innovations in the field of Urology care, and were briefed about the latest breakthroughs in the field by some of the most prominent brands and companies. 

Dr. Jean J.M.C.H. de la Rosette, General Secretary of the Société Internationale d’Urologie commented saying: “Dubai is an ideal location to return to face-to-face meetings: innovative, responsive and adaptive! The 1st edition of the IUCC harnesses this energy, and the SIU is pleased to support this collaborative meeting, as we look toward returning to Dubai November 10-14 for the SIU’s 41st Congress”

From his side, Dr. Yasser Farahat, President of the Arab School of Urology said: “Filling the gaps in clinical practice between different specialties. Experience exchange between different medical specialties, discussing same topics in different perspectives”

This year, IUCC is being held as a hybrid event, which grants specialists, doctors and professors the freedom to attend the sessions virtually, further facilitating the exchange of knowledge and expertise. In addition, IUCC features the participation of 600 healthcare professionals from 18 different countries, out of which more than 200 delegates are joining live at the meeting venue. Furthermore, IUCC is proud to host over 70 speakers from more than 10 countries, both live and virtually. Additionally, participants and conference attendees will receive 11 CPD points accredited by DHCC.

IUCC is supported by Dubai Health Authority, Sheikh Khalifa General Hospital Umm Al Quwain, Fakeeh University Hospital, in addition to the support of major local, regional and international specialty societies, who are actively supporting and participating in the event, such as: Emirates Urology Society, Arab Association of Urology, Société Internationale d’Urologie, Emirates Oncology Society, Emirates Society of Emergency Medicine, Middle East Society of Sexual Medicine and Pan Arab Continence Society.

It is worth mentioning that IUCC is a joint effort between INDEX-PCO, which is a specialized department of INDEX Conferences and Exhibition Organizing Est., Arab School of Urology and Emirates Urology Society 

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