House of Wisdom makes learning fun at Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival

Sharjah, 27 May 2021

Science, technology and art merge at the iconic House of Wisdom’s pavilion at the 12th Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival where the futuristic social and cultural hub is fuelling the imagination of young girls and boys through highly immersive and interactive workshops in an engaging learning environment. 

At the series of sessions hosted yesterday (Tuesday, May 25) at Hall 5 in Expo Centre Sharjah, the futuristic library led children on an exploration into the science behind chemical reactions through a fun and easy ‘Glowing Lava Lamp’ experiment and built up their charade game skills by scanning and unlocking images and figures behind QR codes. 

After a reading session of the award-winning Beautiful Oops! which explores how every mistake is also an opportunity to make something beautiful, the young ones transformed their ‘blunders’ to create imaginative characters and creatures.

Oobleck experiments, VR escape room, slime-making, Arabic calligraphy and lots more lined up at the House of Wisdom pavillion in SCRF 2021!  

Music, wellbeing, and literature are the focus of the workshops scheduled for Wednesday, May 26, where children will learn about musical instruments, improve mindfulness through ‘Mandala’ art, and analyse the shape, size, colour and textures of things around them through an engaging art activity session.

On Thursday (today), May 27, children will learn the art of sending secret messages to friends and family using a low-tech science experiment while they will master a series of tasks to make their way out of the ‘Virtual Reality Escape Room’.  Sensory play will be emphasised in the ‘Slime Making’ session. 

The weekend activities on Friday, May 28, will commence with a ‘Record Your Own Song’ session, activities to improve visual and fine motor skills, and an introduction into the beautiful world of ‘Arabic Calligraphy’.

The House of Wisdom’s carefully curated edutainment programmes will conclude on Saturday, May 29, with ‘The Oobleck Experiment’, a classic science experiment; a tech-based ‘Light Up Card’ interactive activity; and a ‘Scenery Painting’ session that uses mask tape and paint along with a Linocut printing program and designing Tote Bags workshop.

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