Paul Kiefer says modeling is my way to be an actor

We have met paul Kiefer in Dubai during fashion forward and this is a little of what we discussed.

His father has a German and Lithuanian origins and his mother is from Philippines  

He is a model for major companies here in Dubai such as Splash   harvey nicoles and dior . They used his face for several international brands and It becomes an official mark for many brands.

Pual Kiefer “The model is the person who is presenting the fashion by catwalk and participates in fashion shows for major brands & famous designers .For this work you need great training to know how to walk and how to pose for photos and during the catwalk displaying these brans products, It needs to maintain several things in order to gain fame, keep the hard work and keep in shape by daily workout. 

I think I am this person and I have this ability to stand in front of the camera for many hours and change a lot of clothes and I have that skills and I gained the necessary experience for this work”.

I think modeling is easy for me because I am a professional dancer and I have full control of all my muscles and spent many years in training and dancing. 

This profession can be difficult and easy at the same time

As for me, it is easy to do something, because I am used to standing in front of the audience and the camera

I have this instinct to do so and my sports background helped me know that I am now 31 years old.

And I have practiced modeling fashion for 12 years.

I started my profession as model when I was 19 years old.

I come to Dubai a lot because the agency that runs my business is here in Dubai, so I do this work here a lot especially the fashion forward event and my managers introduced me to the big companies here and for the most famous fashion designers in the Middle East and Europe and some of the top designers in Asia as well.

I entered the fashion modeling by accident. In the beginning, I was a well-known basketball player in Los Angeles. After many injuries, I left the sport and turned to the fashion model at an early age. The actor in Los Angeles must be present in major international magazines there so that producers can choose him and considered my work as a fashion model just a professional business to make money and achieve some other dreams. Which was to be a famous Hollywood actor .

Fashion show in my view is a very difficult career for women more than men, men must be a good athlete and has the appropriate length with some sizes and some training.. As for women are very stressful and the age of the profession they have very short and men can work longer than women in this field 

There are no big secrets in this profession never only have to be yourself, maintain your food and workout,      a man model must be natural and maintain a manly appearance.

Sometimes we do a hard work so we sit all the day in front of the camera lenses and replace more than 200 pieces of clothes and this is very difficult and need lots of energy.

And the most challenging thing when you have photoshoots and you are not in good mood to do it.

I have this talent that I can show my face happiness in front of the camera and everyone tells me that I am a good actor .

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