Dubai hosts EmTech MENA Emerging Technologies Conference on September 23 and 24

Dubai, September 21, 2018: EmTech MENA, hosted by the Dubai Future Foundation and Haykal Media on September 23 – 24, 2018 in Dubai, will feature a varied group of the most recognized researchers and technical experts in their various emerging technology fields. Speakers will shed light on the latest developments in artificial intelligence, energy transformation, smart governments, and systemic innovation.

The conference will focus on three main pillars: information security, artificial intelligence, and future governments. Important subject matter such as future technologies for the generation and storage of energy, the design and management of smart cities, and the applications of nanotechnology will all be covered.

CEO of the Dubai Future Foundation, HE Khalfan Juma Belhoul, emphasized the importance of international events hosted in Dubai with the aim of reinforcing scientific knowledge and highlighting the latest innovations. These events offer a unique opportunity for our youth to engage directly with global experts and sharpen their skills in emerging technologies.

He added that EmTech MENA will be an opportunity to share ideas and visions, discover valuable concepts and global trends, and ultimately result in the development of strong global partnerships that utilize emerging technologies in developing the future.

Global speakers

Esteemed conference speakers include Prof. Dr. Christoph Meinel, President and CEO of the Hasso Plattner Institute at the University of Potsdam and program director of the HPI-Stanford Design Thinking Research Program; and Professor Fiona Murray, Co-Director of MIT’s Innovation Initiative.

The conference will also host a number of global speakers from the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), among them Professor Fikile Brushett, a global expert in battery and power preservation technology who will speak about the latest developments in this field, and its importance in allowing for future innovative applications; Mr. Justin Fier, Director for Cyber Intelligence & Analytics at Darktrace, who will speak about investing in artificial intelligence for information and digital security; and Mr. Siim Sikkut, Government CIO of Estonia, who will address digital transformation strategies within the government, and the opportunities that emerging technologies present, such as using artificial intelligence to develop government performance.

A modern conception of the latest emerging technologies

Dr. Anas Tawileh, Executive Director of EmTech MENA, at Haykal Media, the regional publisher of the MIT Technology Review Arabia platform presented the conference highlights, and stated: “The conference aims to offer a modern conception of the latest emerging technologies that will have a great impact on future communities and on our planet. Additionally, the audience will become familiar with the latest global developments in these technologies. To this end, the conference will host the elite among the most famous researchers and technologists from the most important universities and global research centers.”

He added: “This conference, its distinctive scientific program, and the experience of its speakers, from a window that will open for the first time in Dubai and the region, and will identify the latest developments in emerging technologies from around the world, and what potential and challenges these technologies will carry with regards to the fundamental changes it will make on our future lifestyles. We aim to make EmTech MENA a global platform for innovation and the exchange of experiences and information between technology leaders in the Arab region and its most distinguished experts around the world.”

For the first time in Dubai and the region

For the first time, Dubai and the region are hosting EmTech which is held annually in a variety of major global technology markets across the world. This global conference is your opportunity to discover future trends and to understand the technologies that will drive the new global economy. It’s where tech, business, and culture converge, and where you gain access to the most innovative people and companies in the world. The conference gathers C-level executives, policy leaders, company directors, entrepreneurs, innovators, venture investors, and technologists who will all discuss ways to utilize these technologies and employ them to find solutions to the world’s biggest challenges.

Who should attend

MIT Technology Review events consistently attract senior-level business and technology decision makers who drive the global innovation economy.

Recognizing young innovators

During the conference, the list of “Innovators Under 35” announced by His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Dubai executive council, will be revealed. The list aims to shed a light on innovators under the age of 35, and recognize their superb contributions to finding solutions that have a profound impact on our world. The awards span a wide range of fields including medical technologies, computing, communications, entrepreneurship, energy, media, and internet fields.

In previous years, famous faces such as the founders of Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google, have adorned the list.

Dubai Electric and Water Authority (DEWA) is the key sponsor of EmTech MENA. The conference partners include the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), Dubai Municipality, ENOC, Parsons, Udacity, and Algorythma.

In addition to this conference, Dubai Future Foundation and Haykal Media will launch the Arabic edition of MIT Technology Review, a most prestigious global scientific publication founded in 1899, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The Arabic print edition will publish twice a year and will offer thousands of digital articles covering science and technology through its website, highlighting the latest global innovations and emerging technologies. The publication aims to disseminate their content across a wide variety of Arab society segments, particularly the Arab youth.

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