OIC urged to work for development of Science, Technology &Innovation Muslim Ummah

Astana: The heads of state and government and the official delegation of the Members States of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) gathered in Astana at the First OIC Summit on Science and Technology in Astana to emphasize the commitment to make science and technology cherished goal in the century. 

Delegation expressed gratitude to President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev for hosting such summit and appreciated his leadership and initiatives aimed at strengthening the role of the OIC in the international arena. Delegates congratulated the republic of Kazkahstan on the successful holding of the International ‘Astana Expo 2017’ a specialized exhibition. 

As per the official handout from OIC the delegates reaffirmed commitment to the principles and objectives enshrined in the OIC Charter with the ideals of Islam to achieve intellectual excellence and enhancing and developing science and technology and cooperation among member states in these fields. 

The delegates were affirm to resolve the poverty from the societies including poverty of mind and to bring forth the creative and strengths of all the people.  The commitment to make knowledge and its application an essential feature of the way of living and work to mark important decisions. 

Commitment of nations to enhance their collective capabilities in science and technology and the positive social and economic spillovers which result from their intelligent application was also drafted in the Astana Declaration at the first OIC summit. Delegates acknowledged the need to increase the investment in Science, technology and innovation and that the transfer of science and technology is one of the principal ways of accelerating the economic development of developing countries. 

OIC members states urged to work for the development, review and implementation of Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) policies, programmes and action plans at sub-regional and national levels for harnessing the potential of STI for gainful employment, human capital development and inclusive growth. Measures were also taken for the practical implementation of the recommendations of OIC S&T agenda 2026, in that regard all member states have to prepare joint programs and proposals, through active consultation with leading academics, scientists and technologies. 

The need of further strengthening the culture of education and science, especially for youth and women in the Islamic world. It will pave way for social an economic modernization and leading to the progress and prosperity of the people and countries. Delegates were also asked to encourage making universities and other institutions of higher learning, particularly scientific research stations. Increased allocation of funding on development of education , science, health and water to achieve the goals set forth in OIC 2025 was also tabled. 

Members were asked to develop a joint policy framework to facilitate movement and employment of professionals, mutual recognition of diplomas, the inflow of new technologies and projects. They were also urged to actively promote and support collaborative research programs in the field of agriculture, food security, conservation of ecosystem, including fight against natural disasters. Role of OIC for food security and promoting intra-OIC cooperation in the field of science, technology and innovations was also lauded. 

At the summit a call was made for reviewing the security of digital content by examining and harmonizing existing laws, policies and response related to cyber security in the member states keeping in mind its profound implications. 

Members were also appreciated for their financial support for the launch of the STI fund. Meanwhile the offer of the government of Uzbekistan to host the Second OIC summit on Science and Technology was warmly welcomed and necessary arrangements mandate was handed over to OIC General Secretariat and COMSTECH.

تتطلب عرض الشرائح هذه للجافا سكريبت.



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